More Money, Less Eggs. (CD16)

Last week, we ended up needing more shots, equalling about $500.

We went in on Tuesday of this week (6/8) to see how many eggs were cooking.  Dr Q roamed around for a while, said, “hmm,” and roamed around some more.  His office is set up so the patient (me) can watch a wall-mounted flat screen of the ultrasound, and I could only see one big follicle.  Sure enough – only ONE mature follicle.

$1600.  One follicle.  This wasn’t what we wanted to hear.

He assured us it was okay, that our chances were still phenomenally better than any other cycle because the drugs make the egg(s) much healthier than my body would on its own.  He said my lining was super thick – which is good – and we were ready to trigger.

We triggered last night, and the ENORMOUS needle didn’t hurt so much after all.  Big thanks to the nurse at Dr Q’s office, who pointed to a spot on my ass so the Swashbucker could draw a circle and know exactly where to stick the intra-muscular injection.

Today is a great day – the day after the injectables have ended and before the IUI.  I have no shots to take today for the first time in a week and a half.  The IUI is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10:15am.  I start progesterone suppositories on Saturday evening.  Not looking forward to that.

I’m still remaining optimistic, even with one egg.  I mean, it only takes one egg to make a baby.  And this is our sixth try!  It has to be our turn soon, right?  I’m clinging to the optimism because I know it will be much harder to maintain once the deed is done and everything is out of my hands.  The first week after the IUI is usually manageable, but as the 2nd week winds down, I become a FREAK.  I don’t want to be a freak anymore.  It will take everything in my power to spend the two-week-wait in a relaxed state, not over-analyzing every twinge and pain.  The trigger shot and progesterone both mimic pregnancy, so I will have no reason to think anything over the next two weeks.

I’m so ready for a baby.  So, so ready.

Running total:

Additional $500 for meds

2 more ultrasounds: $340

TOTAL: $8405


One response to “More Money, Less Eggs. (CD16)

  1. the swashbuckler

    The gazillion dollar baby!!

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