Hysteroscopy and polypectomy, hopefully leading to eventual baby-ectomy.

I just love how you can put “-ectomy” on the end of any word to denote the removal of said word.  I sometimes like to call “giving birth” a “baby-ectomy.”  It’s mildly funny.

Nurse Knock-up thought she saw a polyp, so Dr. Q took a look on Tuesday, CD7, via a hysteroscopy, which is basically where they stick a camera up-in-there to see WTF is going on in your uterus.  I opted for no anesthesia during this procedure, as I was assured it wasn’t necessary and that the procedure overall was not as bad as the HSG.  When I arrived, they put an IV in me and immediately my thought was – wait a minute… an IV for this?  I was directed to a “pre-op” room where the ibuprofen drip was administered.  Once they finally wheeled me into the “procedure room,” I started to worry that I should’ve insisted on the anesthesia.  They asked me if I wanted to see the screen, the journey into my uterus, and I was all about it until they had to give me four shots in my cervix.  This hurt as much as you think it would, although I did only feel the first 2.  Once that happened, I had to go into survival mode… concentrating on a point in the ceiling and just breathing my way through it.

Dr. Q did find a polyp and had to remove it… all told, the scope and removal took about half as much time as the HSG and definitely was less traumatic, despite the cervical block nightmare.  Still… if I ever have a polyp again, would I willingly do that procedure without anesthetic?  Probably not.

To add to the running total, here are some more estimated numbers:

Hysteroscopy – $675

Ultrasound x 2 – $340

Injectable fertility meds – $1150 (for one cycle).

Running total: $7565.


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