And so it begins. (Or… the one where I talk about my period.)

Yesterday was CD1.

I started taking Synthroid about two months ago to get my thryoid in an optimal conception range.  Up until I started taking the medicine, my cycles were fairly regular.  I would ovulate on day 20-21, and my cycle would start anew 14 days after that.  This time, I think I ovulated on day 20, but cycle didn’t start again until 18 days later.  EIGHTEEN!  Also – last month’s period was 2.5 days (it’s usually 5).  I’m okay with all of this, but it was testing my patience this month.

We have our Day 3 ultrasound tomorrow, and provided everything looks good, we start shooting me up with drugs on Saturday to help my ovaries along.

Are you ready, ovaries?  IT’S GAME TIME.  We have two tries left – LET’S DO THIS.


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