Really? Five grand?

My girlfriend, who from here on in will be referred to as the Domestic Partner, the Wife, or the Swashbuckler, has been trying to make a baby for longer than I have been trying. She started trying 12 years ago with her husband. No luck. I started trying eight months ago with my wife. Still no luck. They say you’re not considered infertile until you’ve tried unsuccessfully nine times. My math isn’t great, but at $360 a pop (on the low end), that’s a few thousand dollars.

We are working with a known donor (KD). Here is what we have paid so far, roughly:

Initial visit with clinic, March 2008: $200
Initial donor screening: $1500
Initial donor deposits: $600
Basal body thermometer: $15
OPKs for practice: $15
OPKs for first cycle: $44 (the first brand didn’t work for me, so we had to buy a second brand)
Cycle 1: $360
Pregnancy tests: $15
OPKs for second cycle: $22
Cycle 2: $410
Pregnancy tests: $15
OPKs for third cycle: $22
Ultrasound: $200
Pregnancy tests: $15
Cycle 3: $410
Ultrasound followup: $170
OPKs for cycle 4: $22
Cycle 4: $360
(no more pregnancy test purchasing)
HSG (will explain this in separate post): $285
Antibiotics following HSG: $16
OPKs for cycle 5: $45 (could only find the 20 pack)
Cycle 5: $360

Grand total: $5101. I could have bothered to be more accurate when naming this blog, but Five Grand Baby just sounded better than Five Thousand One Hundred and One Dollars and Counting Baby.


4 responses to “Really? Five grand?

  1. Swashbuckler

    $70 trigger shot
    $200 ultrasound
    $30 beer to prepare ourselves
    running total -$5401

  2. I could have written your post 12 years ago. That was also 4 kids and a whole lot more than $5k ago! I’ve never heard of the 9 attempts before but would encourage you to keep getting help rather than sticking with what “should” be working.

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